Rippling Pages: Interviews with Writers

Jacqueline Bishop on Jamaican Women Writers

May 14, 2021

"The sense we don't have to trample on each other, to amplify each other, we can heal and nurture each other."

Jacqueline Bishop is here to talk about her collection of interviews, The Gift of Music and Song: Interviews with Jamaican Women Writers

(Buy here!)

It's a perfect way to conclude the 'Finding Room' series - promoting the voices of some fantastic Jamaican women writers.

Rippling Points:

  • Voices of nurturing and healing: Jamaican women writers
  • Changing conceptions of society, but preserving these writers

Reference Points

We mention a lot of writers in this episode because the book is about writers. But it does cause us to reflect on some other names too

Monique Roffey - (Monique selected Jacqueline's book as a cultural highlight in the Guardian)

Jane Austen

Jean Rhys

Kamau Braithwaite

George Lamming

Derek Walcott

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