Rippling Pages: Interviews with Writers

Charlie Baylis and Santa Lucía

October 1, 2021

'You can't just have a greatest hits collection, there has to be a flow of ideas.'

Charlie Baylis, poet, critic, and editor joined me to talk about his latest collection, Santa Lucía, published by Invisible Hand Press - available here

Rippling Points:

  • Day and Night: structuring around the rhythms of the day
  • The conscious art of repeating

Reference Points

John Ashbery
Sean Bonney
SJ Fowler
Selima Hill
Luke Kennard
Aaron Kent
Andrew McMillan
Chelsey Minnis
Frank O'Hara
Sophie Robinson
Matthew Welton

Charlie's interview with Andrew McMillan

Charlie's previous collections
Hilda Doolittle's Carl Jung t-shirt (erbacce press, 2018)
Swimming (Red Ceilings Press, 2019)

Albert Camus - The Stranger (1942)

Damien Hirst
Andy Warhol


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