Rippling Pages: Interviews with Writers

Samatar Elmi and A Portrait of Colossus

April 30, 2021

"I knew from the age of 13, 14, I needed to write poetry, I just didn't fully understand why."

It's part two of our Flipped Eye 20th birthday special, and I'm joined by Samatar Elmi talking about his debut collection, Portrait of Colossus.  

Thank you Katherine and Samatar for joining me. Two exciting, upcoming poets.

Buy Portrait of Colossus here.

Rippling Points:

  • The power of the poet in different parts of the world: UK and Somalia
  • 100 drafts: writing about the ones we love

Reference Points


Don Paterson
Jason Allen-Paisant - subcribe to the PN Review to read his essay in PN Review 257 Thinking with Trees, Allen-Paisant's debut collection, is out in June.

Bob Dylan.


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